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Marisa Cannata

Departments and Positions:
Vanderbilt University, Associate Director and Co-PI
Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts
Michigan State University, Doctorate

Marisa Cannata is a Principal Investigator in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations at Vanderbilt University and Director of the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools and National Center on School Choice. Dr. Cannata has experience overseeing both large longitudinal surveys and qualitative research involving interviews and observations of mathematics teachers. Dr. Cannata’s substantive expertise on school choice, teacher quality and career decisions, teacher work experiences, and professional community contributes to the Center’s ability to identify the programs and practices of highly effective schools. She is the co-editor of School Choice and School Improvement, published by Harvard Education Press. Dr. Cannata has a Ph.D. in Educational Policy from Michigan State University.