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Cheryl King

Departments and Positions:
Education Development Center, Associate Director and Co-PI
Aquinas College, Bachelor of Arts
Michigan State University, Master of Arts
Michigan State University, Doctorate

Cheryl King, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Education Scholar and Director of the Leadership for Learning Innovation Unit in the Learning and Teaching Division at Education Development Center, Inc.  Since 2004, Dr. King has directed the School Leadership Project at EDC with a primary emphasis on improving the impact of leader preparation on principal performance.  As part of that work, she leads the development of Quality Measures™ self-assessment tools and protocols designed for use by principal preparation program providers working to continuously improve their practices. Cheryl has facilitated the use of QM tools and self-assessment processes by program teams in over thirty-two school districts in 12 states across the country for the past seven years.  As part of that work, she has provided the leadership for an annual Quality Measures™ Practitioners’ Forum held in Boston that brings together program providers, school leaders, university partners, and policy makers from across the country to explore solutions to common problems of practice related to principal preparation. Dr. King served as co-Principal Investigator for a commissioned national evaluation study of school district influence on principal preparation and is co-author of the study’s report “District Developing Leaders: Lessons Learned from Eight Urban School Districts.” She currently leads the EDC team for the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools and is an associate director and co-Principal Investigator for that project.