Broward Surveys

NCSU will conduct both teacher and student surveys in Broward County Public Schools in 2014-15. The three innovation high schools, plus a sample of comparison high schools are included in the surveys. The surveys are designed to be short and intended to provide information on practices and outcomes related to personalization for academic and social learning.

High schools that participate in the surveys will receive a report that compares their results to other participating schools, as well as a stipend of at least $300. Additional stipends are available for completing activities specific to the teacher or student survey.

Student Survey

The NCSU-Broward student survey will be administered twice: once at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year and again in April or May 2015. The student survey will focus on 9th and 10th graders and will be administered twice to identify improvement through the year. The student surveys will be administered online.

Schools that participate in the student survey will receive an additional $300 to show appreciation to the classes that participated in the survey. These funds are available for both the fall and spring surveys.

Teacher Survey

The teacher survey will proceed similarly to 2013-14, with a couple of changes to streamline the process. As was the case this year, we plan to administer the Broward teacher survey in January. We will provide paper copies of the survey, with individualized packets for each teacher, prior to the Winter Break. We ask that you hand out the surveys to teachers during the January faculty meeting and provide time in the meeting for teachers to complete it. Teachers who do not complete the survey by paper will receive an email follow up. Beginning in October 2014, we will reach to the school contact to obtain a roster of current teachers.

Schools that achieve a 70% response rate on the teacher survey will receive an additional $700.