March 2012-Release of Technical Report Describing School Selection in Broward County

We are pleased to announce the release of Selecting High and Low performing High Schools in Broward County Florida for Analysis and Treatment. This technical report describes the statistical methods and value-added models used to identify schools in Broward County, Florida for selecting schools to include in our intensive case studies. This report also describes the value-added models used to identify schools to participate in the collaborative design process and implement the designed innovation. This report describes how Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) compare in value added to other schools in Florida, as well as how the four case study schools were identified.


February 2012-Discovering Essential Components of Effective Schools

Working closely with our partner district, Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD), NCSU is conducting intensive case studies in four high schools to identify how schools enact what research suggests are essential components of effective schools. NCSU used value-added models to identify schools that “beat the odds” for racial minority, English language learners, and low income students. A team of three NCSU researchers will visit each school for three week-long visits throughout the year. In the first two visits, we conducted interviews and focus groups with teachers, students, administrators, academic support personnel, and district leaders. We also observed classroom instruction in English/language arts, mathematics, and science. A third visit was planned later this year, after state testing, to conduct additional interviews and focus groups, and shadow students throughout their day to learn about students’ daily experiences in high school.

The findings from these intensive data collection activities will serve as the foundation of our collaborative design process in the 2012-13 school year, where we will work in partnership with district and school personnel to design an innovation that reflects best practices within the district and can be adapted to meet unique contexts of individual schools.

The National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU) is committed to rigorous research on the components of effective high schools and the processes that successfully scale up practices of effective high schools.

The Center provides national leadership on these issues and serves as a resource for scholarly knowledge that is relevant and accessible to policymakers and practitioners.

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